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Ask user for their password

Question asked by johnbuckingham on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by johnbuckingham

I've been asked by the Financial Director of one of my clients to write him a report. But the content of the report is one that he would prefer not to have available for any staff to see.


I've added a button to his (and only his) startup menu to run the report. But he asks if it is possible that the scripting behind the button requests he enter his password before proceeding so that a visitor to his office can't gain unauthorised access to the report in his absence.


I can't think of an obvious way to script this. Especially as he prefers I test his 'real' password rather than comparison to a string in the script.


Its probably real simple, and I can't see it: So any suggestion as to how this may be achievable in FileMaker 12 will be gratefully received...