Access data objects from within Filemaker

Discussion created by malachydevlin on Sep 24, 2014
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I have a large filemaker solution doing a great job but I have one smallish MUST HAVE for a client and it seems that Filemaker cant accomplish this.

I need to be able to reference some activex data objects, an api to work against an external application.

This is usually done in with visual studio but adding references to these dlls and then using code to declare and use the objects.

Obviously filemaker isnt a programming language and it looks like I may have to use a 3rd party application as a bridge or write one myself in VStudio.

If anyone has used the acivex objects to connect to filemaker from visual studio then i need to do the same from filemaker to another application.

The only way I belive this can happen is to write a plugin and use c++ to access the objects but this aint for the faint hearted and I struggle to find any documentation on writing my own filemaker plugins.


Any ideas?