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    Open a dbase automatically on OSX log-in


      When I set up a Mac OSX user account to launch a Filemaker database on log-in, this only happens partially. Instead, the Filemaker logo in the dock begins bouncing up and down and one must click it to get filemaker to lauch and open the file. This has not happened with other applications. What am I failing to do?


      As nearly as I can tell, I have everything set the same as I have with a Pages work diary that launches automatically when I log in. The only difference is that the Filemaker file needs a password, but that is in the account keychain. And it does launch the database when the bouncing icon is clicked.

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          Yes, I see what you mean. The same thing happens on a test I just ran on a file that requires no password, so that is not the issue.


          It is similar FM behaviour if you open a FM file and before it is fully open switch to some other program (eg. I double click on a FM file, then come back to this forum—right now the FM icon is bouncing). It seems to me that FM requires to be frontmost in order to open a file.


          Not sure how you would overcome this. Some sort of Applescript perhaps? Just a thought.