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Select Field - obtain corresponding data

Question asked by hjvanes on Sep 24, 2014
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Hello FM PPL,


Brain freeze atm and need a little help on getting this done. Just forgotten how to do it thats all.


I have 2 tables where Table 2 has all the records in it


Table 1 has 2 fields and table 2 t=has 2 fields



Table 1:Name

Table 1:Age


Table 2:Name

Table 2:Age


A relationship exists between both tables via id_Constant


Table1:name has a pop-up menu obtauin results from Table2:Name


What I would like to understand again is that when I select a record through the pop-up menu of Table 1:name that it will automatically populate Table1:Age field with the corresponding data of the same name selected in Table2:Age