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    Videos that iTunes won't transfer


      I found an interesting use for FileMaker Go.


      I was asked to put an mp4 a video not companies iPad, but when I tried to transfer it to the iPad using iTunes an error popped up saying the video wouldn't play and therefore would not be transferred.


      I was having trouble with my Dropbox account so I couldn't get it on there that way either.


      I ended up creating a FileMaker database with one table with one container field, and one record which I put higher video in. I then put the database on our server and accessed it through FileMaker go. I exported the video from the container field onto the iPad, where it was saved in the media... I guess you would call it folder? . . . In FileMaker Go, and it played just fine.


      So FileMaker Go served as a weird workaround for iTunes not letting me transfer our video.


      I'm still not sure what the problem with iTunes was, though.