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Append fields to existing records

Question asked by lkeyes on Sep 25, 2014
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Joe Blow123 Anywhere LaneSometownNH03212Match
Mary Smith14 Someplace ElseAnothertownNH03121No-Match
Lars Yerky14000 Apache Blvd.

Oklahoma City





Scenario.... I have a 10,000 row mailing list which I run through SmartyStreets, a validator which returns the address1,city,st,zip of the list as a ASCII delimited file, and a flag of MATCH or NO-MATCH in the first column of the returned file. Subsequent fields are the addres1, city, state zipcodes, and may or may not be valid....especially if there is a no match.


I'd like to import this file into my existing 10,000 record FM table, by adding additional MATCH field to the end of the original table , and have the information from SmartyStreets added to the field for each record.


Subsequently, I can do a FIND search on No-Match, and deal with the found set...


Both files in are in the same order but there is no key field (and the key field woudln't be returned by the validator in any case).


I know that I can paste the original file in Excel, and then paste the matched file into an additional Excel file (this is how I deal with this right now....but was wondering if there is a a way to do the import directly in FM.


Ideas? Thanks!


---- L