Slow relationships?

Discussion created by tonymak on Sep 25, 2014
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Using Filemaker 13 Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server 13 both on Macs, Server is running on a Mac Mini 16Gb ram.


I have a situation I can't figure out.

I am working on a dashboard type layout and having performance quirks.

pulling records from a table and two different relationships act very differently.

the table Months has 12 records one record for each month giving a starting and ending date for each month.

the estimates table has only 204 records in it.


The fields i'm pulling from the table are:

Relationship1: TO::Months to TO::EstimatesPerMonth (Table Source Estimates)

setup as:

Months::DateStart <= EstimatesPerMonth::Date

AND Months::DateEnd >= EstimatesPerMonth::Date

AND Months::zz_Sold <> EstimatesPerMonth::Status (zz_Sold is a literal "Sold")


Using a portal to a TO of Months named MonthsALL

a calculated field MonthsAll::cEstimateTotal set to: Sum(EstimatesPerMonth::Grand Total)

the layout will load in under 2 seconds.



a relationship built on the same source table (Estimates) as a TO of ContractsPerMonth like this:

Months::DateStart <= ContractsPerMonth::Signed_Date

AND Months::DateEnd >= ContractsPerMonth::Signed_Date

AND Months::zz_Sold = ContractsPerMonth::Status (zz_Sold is a literal "Sold")


then removing the MonthsAll::cEstimateTotal from the portal and using the second relationship

a calculated field MonthsAll::cContractsTotal set to: Sum(ContractsPerMonth::Conf_Grand_Total)

the layout then takes as long as 45 seconds to load.


so basically i'm using 5 fields from the Estimates table


Grand Total





a relationship built on Date, Grand Total, Status Loads Fast.

but a relationship built on

Signed_Date, Conf_Grand_Total, and Status takes a really long time to load.


I'm at a total loss, any suggestions would be great.