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    FM Server Load balancing - Is it doable?


      2-server deployment is recommended for FMS13 -- one for the web engine and the other one for the databases.


      We are weighing on whether we should use 2-server deployment or load balancing.

      As far as I know, load balancing is certainly have an edge over 2-server deployment.


      But I would like to know whether load balancing is supported in FMS13 as I could not get any definite answer from the web nor FM documentation.

      If it can be done, can you share your experience in setting it up?


      Many thanks.

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          Filemaker Server does not support load balancing. A user can still slow down whole server, when he is performing some demanding task.

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            FMS database engine, WPE, WD application engine does not support load balancing.

            Apache or IIS, which runs webserver does support load balancing.

            However, this sort of setup requires advanced development of solutions.


            2 server deployment seperates the load on the different engines in FMS, so that the database engine runs on one machine and the WPE on another.

            This can be a good setup, if you have many users.


            Refer to FMI documentation, and/or you should consider taking a consultant with experience in advanced database setup, on the side for advice in your situation. Before you invest, it is a good idea to know how to invest your money best for such setup.