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WebDirect slower than Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by rickgignetworks on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2014 by wimdecorte

i have the Trials apps and I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade to 13 or wait.


I'm a private developer of my own system that manages my whole business. I have been using FileMaker since 1997.  I waited a long time for Instant Web Publishing because I did not want to fuss with multiple systems like PHP or ODBC to present present my WebStore for such things as Telecommunications parts lists and solutions.  When IWP came along I was super happy.  My pages filled super fast, finds and sorts are lightning fast, even faster than FileMaker Pro talking to the same FM Server.  The performance of WebDirect is not even 40% the speed of IWP for doing the same things.  It is especially slow performing Finds and Sorts.  Is this what you expected?  It may be nice to have the whole application web enable but not at this sacrifice of speed.  The speed is such a problem that I may be stuck forever using the older versions and IWP and that would be very disappointing.  Please fill free to check out the GIG Networks WebStore by going to my website below and click the WebStore link on the left.



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