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inserting files from the FMGo document folder

Question asked by mj.hack on Sep 27, 2014
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I’m encountering a problem storing (audio) files from iPad into FMGo:


We use a dictation app (dictate & connect®) to generate audio files on ipad. The files have a specific known filename and are exported into the FMGo document folder on iPad (by the dictation app).


We then import the file using the „insert file“ script step into a container field of our FM solution hosted by FMS 13 to make it available to other users.

This works fine manually via the dialog box of the „insert file“ script step, but to avoid errors (caused by the user) this should be automized since there is a specific individual filename and a distinct file location (meaning the FMGo document folder on iPad).


My questions are:

How do you read out the path to the FMGo document folder / What term has to be put in the settings of the „insert file“ script step for the document path?

Should the script step „insert from URL“ be applied instead for this task?

How do you address the FMGo document folder in scripting in general?