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FileMaker Go 13 Sub-Summary limit on the number of records.

Question asked by fm_wodge on Sep 28, 2014

Is there a limit on the number of records that sub-summary can handle in Filemaker Go 13 on iPad mini or iPad running iOS8?


I have a layout with sub-summary part sorting records A to Z. Half way through Y row the records are not visible, this represents about 5% of the total, about 500 records in total. When filtered down to about 30, I'm seeing filtered records in A to Z rows. Have not yet tried to see what magic number of records causes this behaviour.


Has anyone come across this issue? I have done test using the standard FM Go Contacts template and the issue also shows up in this FileMaker supplied template. This would suggest to me that it is an issue with FileMaker Go.


Any explanations or suggestions from anyone?

Many thanks.