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Sent Time oddities on FMS13 notifications

Question asked by robwoof on Sep 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by databuzz

I have a new, soon to be production, FMS13 machine. It is running Windows Server 2012 (not R2, just 2012), and I have updated FMS to


At the moment, it has daily and weekly FMS backup schedules that send me a notification email. The daily schedule is set to run at 7:00pm local (UTC +10:00), and it does. The weekly schedul is set to run at 11:00pm local each Friday, and it does. The schedule sends the email, and my email client receives it soon after. However, the Sent Date/Time for the notification emails are 10 hours later than the actual sent time. That is, last night's email is showing a Sent Date/Time of Today 5:00 am, and the Received Date/Time shows Yesterday 7:00 pm. I have checked email in the evening after 7:00 pm, and the email is present, showing tomorrow's date and 5:00 am as the Sent Date/Time. An SMTP Test email from the server Admin Console shows Sent Today 9:42 pm and Received Today 11:42 am (and it was sent today at 11:42 am).


Note that the server's time zone is correct (UTC + 10:00 Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra), and it is showing the correct local date and time on its screen. The Hourly, Daily and Weekly schedules all happen at the correct local time according to the set schedules. It's only the times shown in the Sent Date/Time of notifications that are out by 10 hours. Notifications from the FMS11 server, sent via the same SMTP server, arrive with correct Sent Date/Time info.


The server was set to the correct Time Zone and its Date and Time wre correct before FMS13 was installed. It has been restarted several times since the installation (notably for the installation of the update), but the mismatch between Sent and Received Date/Times remains.