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    IWP pages crash


      Hi Everyone,


      I am a FileMaker developer for around 4+ years. I have encountered an issue now.


      The issue is we have developed a FM database and shared the layouts via IWP. When the users access via IWP there is a crash happening in the Web server and stops/restarts the web publishing engine. We have hosted this DB in FileMaker shared hosting only. Now the Hosting company has stopped our IWP access as it affects the other users web access also.


      I have checked my FM database and layouts.


      Please find attached error logs from the hosting.


      Can anyone please help me to sort this issue?


      Thanks in advance



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          Hello Koushik,


          The log file shows a very large number of container field requests per each given IWP page that is being served.


          The pages appear to be displaying large amounts of images -- sometimes it appears to be the same images repeated over and over again many times.



          Possible causes could be:


            - Use of a repeating field with some set of associated graphics repeated for each repetition


            - Long list/table views where each record requires the display of a couple of container fields


            - A long portal where each record requires the display of couple of container fields



          Unfortunately, there is no caching happening to help out in this case:


          If there were caching, a single request to the server would be all that would be required to display the same image many many times.


          Instead, each time the image is being displayed, it is sending a new/additional request to the server, and this is amounting to many requests to the server just to display a single page to the user.




          My guess is that the this large volume of requests is what is crashing the server.



          Kind regards,