Error 200 upon Delete script step

Discussion created by deninger on Sep 29, 2014

I have limited my end-users permissions to prevent them from deleting records. In one case, however, I have a working table that a script runs thru and culls down records based on certain criteria. This script deletes certain records.


I have set this script to run with "Full Access Privileges" to avoid problems.


I have encountered a problem, however. Sometimes (not always) an Error 200 (accompanied by a dialog "Your Access Privileges do not allow you to perform this action") crops up for no apparent reason.


I did a quick search and found that sometimes this error compes us if there is a cascade delete (across related records) in the Schema. In my case, there are no deletion dependencies on this table (yes, there are relatioshisp, but none none specify a cascade style delete).


Is there any other reason this might pop up unexpectedly?