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    Background image disappears


      Attached is a sample file created with FMPA 13 v3 which has issues when viewed with FileMaker Go ( Go_iPad_13.0.5 on iOS8).


      When the first layout loads it is locked at 100%, menubar and toolbars are hidden.


      Body is 929 x 768

      Footer is 64 x 768


      Background image is set in the theme and is 929 x 768 set to tiled.


      When first loading on Go, all is well.


      Press the "go to second layout" button, this takes you to a different layout with no context change.


      Press the "go to first layout" button, this take you back to the original layout and the background image is now gone.


      I would like the first layout to load the same way everytime with the background image showing.


      Thank you,