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what screen do you get when you run out of concurrent connections?

Question asked by njem on Sep 29, 2014

In IWP we had a site donors go to to pledge and give some contact info. The URL took them directly to the proper FM file and it logged them in as guest with no asking for login info. This will be converted to WebDirect. It's hard to predict absolute peak concurrent access. If we run out of concurrent licenses what message or screen do they get? Is it something that can be customized?


I've read that FM Server will flag when you've almost reached your license limit. That informs the company hosting our FM files but doesn't inform me. Is there anyway for my DB to record that attempts were made to log on but were blocked because the limit was exceeded? Or maybe for successful logons to "get()" the number of logons at the moment so I can watch if it's getting close? I see there is a get(usercount) but that I guess would include people accessing via FM (for backend work) not just via WD?


If I can't get that info out of my own db maybe the hosting company could add me to the email notifications on warnings, though they may not like my getting every warning about every problem. I think server email notifications are pretty much all or nothing, right? If they have it set to send emails on errors and warnings and if I'm on the list then I get all of them? No way to have certain warnings send to a certain email list?


And would the server warning say which files had how many concurrent connections at the time?