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Intranet solution going forward?

Question asked by sue on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by sue

We have an inhouse intranet using IWP to disseminate and collect information from employees who do not have filemaker pro on their work computers.  While the IWP solution has been rather slow, it has been a workable solution for a good variety of purposes, up until now.


Since IWP is not supported by newer versions of Filemaker, I am trying to figure out what to do going forward as it seems clear that at some point soon the current system will just not work. 


I am currently upgraded to Filemaker Pro Advanced 13, but most of the other computers in the company are still using FM 12.  We are currently using FM Server 12 but are planning to upgrade to FM Server 13 as soon as I figure out how to handle the intranet problem.


I was thinking I would need to create a new FM intranet file for use via WebDirect, but after some initial reading about WebDirect, I started to have a lot of doubts that it is the solution to our intranet problem.


First I am concerned about the cost of individual connections to a WebDirect file--and the limit to 50 concurrent users, though I am a bit confused if this might not be an issue since we will be using FM Server 13?

I also found this statement on the FM website: "Keep in mind that Filemaker Pro 13 and Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced do not support Filemaker WebDirect."  Surely that statement is incorrect?   See  -- the table at the bottom of the page

That has me really confused as I thought WebDirect was the go forward way for FM data to be displayed in a web browser. I was reading the Filemaker 13 WebDirect Guide-- which would seem to imply that FM Pro 13 does support Web Direct and it certainly offers WebDirect compatability info in the script manager. 


So now I am feeling confused about what direction I should be heading to maintain/upgrade an intranet system to share and gather information that is handled in our company's Filemaker Pro databases via a web browser.


Looking for advice/suggestions/clarifications before I spend a lot more time learning about WebDirect and trying to create a solution using it.