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    FMS 13 and windows server 2008R2 SP1


      I have been using Filemaker Server 10 to 12 and I've not encountered any problems installing it on a single machine with it web services. But the Filemaker server 13 which comes with nice cool features is giving me problems installing of windows server 2008R2 SP1. My machine is not connectioned to the internet but I've sucessfully installed all the component need to run Filemaker Server 13 but its giving me Web Server test failure. and test error = 500


      please I need your help to solve this my problem.

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          It seems something redirection problem. Are you sure about ARR is working correct ?

          What do you see in web server log ?


          I tried to setup FM13 without internet connection, but

          FM13 needs ARR

          ARR needs WebPI to install

          WebPI needs some security change on IE and of cource needs internet connection.

          So installation without i/c seems not reasonable for me.

          Can't you temporally enable internet connection while installation ?

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            If you are not using IIS for anthing else, try this:


            - completely uninstall FMS13

            - reboot

            - delete any stray FMS folders manually

            - reboot

            - remove the IIS role from the server

            - reboot

            - add the IIS role again

            - reboot

            - install FMS