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    FM 13 Disconnecting Robot Client


      I just upgraded a system from FMS 10 to FMS 13.


      I have a Mail/Fax robot running and the ancillary files are getting disconnected. This didn't happen under FMS 10. The primary file that runs is a separate database from the rest of the system but i need the other files to be open. It is running under Full Access privilege set so it should not be disconnected when idle.


      Under FMS 10 it would never close any files. Now with FMS 13 the data file and other ancillary files are closed. The server is not set to disconnect clients after XX minutes.


      The server log shows '...no longer responding; connection closed. (51) - does this sound like a network issue? or it a setting I am missing?




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          Did you check the privilege set for the fmreauthenticate privilege? I seem to recall it was turned on by default when migrating from a version that old where the fmreauthenticate privilege did not exist.

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            Thanks for the suggestion.


            I will uncheck it but it does say GO Only? The robot is a desktop OS.


            A few years ago we had workstations getting disconnected. It turned out to be an issue with the firewall being over zealous trapping packets. I don't think there's a firewall at the new host ( 2 virtual OS's) but there could still be something interfering with the packet transfer.



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              Did you also update hardware or OS on the robot machine?  There are many reports for instance of OSX 10.9 having flaky network connections that result in exactly this.


              Error 51 happens as part of the normal Pro-to-Server "are you there" challenge and response every 60 seconds or so.  If the server does not hear from the robot client in two of those consecutive check-ins then it assumes the client is no longer there and disconnects that client from the server.


              So something on the machine or on the network is causing this.

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                Mike Duncan

                If you have a compatible mac, you might check the "power nap" settings in the energy saver control panel. This was introduced in 10.9. It could also be some networking that causes it.


                Also, I would suggest setting up your robot to run a local file that installs an ontimer script to run at interval, and the only thing that does is open the remote file(s), runs the needed script, then closes the remote file(s). That way you are not dependent on having the remote files open at all times, can fail gracefully and even notify you if it runs into an error.

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                  Wim and MIke,


                  Sorry I should have mentioned the OS. It's on a Virtuliazed Windows Server 2008 R2 svc pk 1 OS. I did install all the latest updates yesterday. Power settings are set to never turn off hard disk.


                  I agree it's probably a network issue. I will have the techs there check the connection. I'll report back what they find.