Looking for a Developper for FM custom project

Discussion created by kprodigy on Sep 30, 2014
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Hello, we are a model & talent (actor) agency based in Montreal, Canada.


We are looking to build a contact management database, and make it into an interactive system that manages the individual talent's schedule and also our client information.

All sort of information should be recorded and archived.


To better understand what we seek to build, the developper needs to understand how our company operates and what information it manages.


We manage talent's time, and sell this time to clients.


We send talents we represent on "Castings" where clients evaluate them in hopes of hiring (booking) them on paid jobs.

Each talent has an agenda (time availibilities) we manage.

examples of information we would like to see:

  • List of all castings a specific talent has been on.
  • Number of castings that yeilded hirings VS castings that haven't.
  • See a talent's agenda in overview mode.
  • Create an automatic e-mail sending talent information on upcoming castings they need to attend.
  • ... many more functions when brainstorming sessions happens.


We also manage communications with many clients that hire our talents.

Our clients also have contact information, and special information we would like to manage.

Essentially we would require some kind of Customer relationship management (CRM) component for client communication management also.

examples of features we would like to see:

  • When we last spoke to this client
  • Flexible Calendaring and Events
  • Automatic Address Book
  • Custom Comments
  • Search
  • Custom Fields and Filters
  • Tags, Notification, and Following
  • Linking (Direct Relationships Between Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Projects)
  • Mass Email Contacts


Finally, the schedule information should be linked to Google Calendar and all the information pushed into it. (such as


I would like to know if anyone is up to the challenge to please send me their resumes at