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Portal Field not displaying Values

Question asked by shevyshevy on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by shevyshevy

My portal row has a Two Calculation fields ''Grade'' and ''GradePoint'' among others. But basically, the values of these two fields are gotten from the Scores field.

Both have same calculation syntax except that Grade field displays Text as result while that of GradePoint displays Number as result..


My problem is that: The Grade field displays correctly all its values, but that of Gradepoint field displays only the first value (First value on the Portal) correct and assigns automatically every other Gradepoint value the same value..


In summary, irrespective of the values on the score field, the values on the Gradepoint Field is the same all through the portal rows.. If I change the value of the Very first Score field, the values of all the GradePoint fields on the Portal rows changes and are the same throughout..


(It seems that it only uses the value of the first score value on the Portal rows for its calculation)

Everyother Gradepoint on the portal automatically changes to the value of the very first one irrespective of the Scores..