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    Find for >0 in number field returns records with no value entered


      This has me stymied. I have a script that searches for Vendors who are owed money each quarter. My Vendor record's layout has a Money Due field on it (from a related table that is linked by the Vendor's ID and a global quarter-end date).


      My scripted search was returning Vendors with no money due (we don't express this as $0.00, but a complete absence of a Money Due related record), so I attempted a couple of manual finds. Entering >0 in the Money Due field and performing the find yields the same results (and in fact also returns negative Money Due!?). Shouldn't the find request ONLY return Vendors who have a related Money Due record with a value >0??


      To attempt to fix, I have: turned off indexing in the "money due" field and even deleted/re-established the relationship between the Vendor and Money Due tables.


      Any ideas?