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    Open URL file




      I'm trying to open a local file using the Open URL script but it always opens a web browser window.


      I'm using the format file:/ if I use file:// or even file:/// nothing happens:


      Any Ideas please?


      FMP13 / OS X

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          Assuming you're trying to open a FileMaker file, don't use file:/. Use fmp://. This tells FileMaker you're opening a FileMaker database.


          Here's a useful infographic developed by Tony White Designs on how the URL protocol works:







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            Hello Mike,


            No ist a Quick Time mov file in a store as reference container using GetValue (Video Container) for the path:





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              In that case, you will always get a browser window when you invoke Open URL ... because a browser is what opens URLs.  


              If you want to just launch your QT file, you can use Export Field Contents with the "Automatically open file" option checked. Just dump it to the temporary directory using Get ( TemporaryPath ) so it won't clutter up the user's hard drive.


              Another option would be to use an interactive container field, which should play QuickTime movies just fine.

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                I'm using an interactive container field which as you say works fine, even exporting it, the thing is I'd like to go to the coresponding folder where the different files are kept.


                I used the Open URL as file:/ before and it worked great, now it won't. If you check here it can be as used as I am trying to, not just browser windows



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                  I'm not sure what you mean by "go to the corresponding folder". By definition, that's where you go because that's where the data are. Are you trying to open that directory?


                  You say it "worked great, not it won't". What changed? Sounds like to me something about your computer changed and that's what caused the behavior change, not FileMaker.

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                    Yes go to the directory, before it would go to the file and not open it.


                    It's more a version change FMP or OS X, if I try it on another computer on the network the same happens it opens a browser window.

                    I think it could be how OS X handles it in 10.9

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                      FileMaker doesn't have the capability to manipulate the OS to perform tasks such as opening a directory window. If you're savvy with AppleScript, you could write an AppleScript to perform the task and then call it from FileMaker. Another option would be to use a plugin; there are several available that can perform OS-level tasks.


                      As to the other, if the browser window is bothersome, then I would just use one of the other methods. I personally haven't witnessed this behavior, but it could be a behavior change, as you note.

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                        I can't get how it worked.

                        If you want to the file be selected in Finder window, using AppleScript should work. (tested on OSX10.9)


                        Set Variable[$path; GetValue(container;2)]

                        Perform AppleScript[calculated:

                        "Tell Application \"Finder\"" & ¶ &

                        "Select " & Quote ( Substitue ( $path ; [ "filemac:/" ; "" ] ; [ "/" ; ":" ] ) ) & ¶ &

                        "Activate" & ¶ &

                        "End Tell"

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                          That worked great thanks a lot

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                            Try file:/// plus the full path to the folder.

                            It should open a browser... But then may open the path. This will only work on the host.


                            If you want to show the directory structure and play the movie, I think I'd be doing it with PHP in a web viewer.


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