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    Ability to shrink/expand portals and page breaks?


      This is a two part question. While you are printing, is there a way to communicate to FileMaker where you would like the pages to separate so that if you are printing out multiple portals or something like that you don't print them out over different pages?


      Also, is there a way to have your portals expand or contract depending upon what is being displayed in them? I have a page with about 30 portals to be a sort of total summary that will list many other things from many other layouts. Is there a way to have the portals only show as many rows as needed? And, obviously, for the other portals around it to grow/contract depending on the portals above it? Or is this impossible?

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          So far I have not found a way to control page breaks.  Recently for a client I gave him a text field that he could put blank lines in to expand a section and move the next row to the next page.


          In the inspector position tab at the bottom is a Sliding and Visibility section.  You can use the Slide up, Slide left and resize enclosing part to have portals shrink when in Print preview.



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            Best practices has always been to try to avoid printing portals. You're not going to get then to expand or contract the way that you want.


            Best bet - since you've got 30 portals that you want to print is to investigate the virtual list technique. Search here for info on it.


            If you can combine all of your portals into a VL or variables and use them to print you'll have a lot more control. You could combine all of your items into a single merge block of text on a layout for printing and be able to control spacing better.


            Printing portals is usually a world of pain. You may have discovered that already. On a form view you can have the portal expand with the window. You don't have that ability with a print layout. You also have limited control over the expansion of items in relationship to other elements on the layout.

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              Re your first question, remember that portals are not really intended for printing, only for display on screen. Your best course with printing is to design a separate print layout based on the table containing the records within the portal.


              Re expanding portals, you can't make a portal expand or contract according to the records if contains, but if you toggle the portal top and bottom (autosizing in the Position Inspector) the portal will stretch vertically to reveal more rows when the window is enlarged.

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                Thank you all for the help. Disappointing but still, thank you.


                In response to the page breaks, I think the balnk field is a great idea but my client doesn't think that will look professional enough. Instead I am just going to separate based off of the dimensions of legal paper. However, I am running into another issue. For some reason whenever I print, the text comes out multiple times larger than it looks on my screen. When it's shrunk down to legal page size and in preview mode it looks perfect; but as soon as I print it all the text gets gigantic. For instance, this text is size 6 on my layout but comes out looking like it's at least size 12. The size of the text is also causing text to take up more lines than I even have alloted in the size of the text box, hence the cutoff text towards the bottom. This is making it IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how to separate my layout objects to print correctly. Is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong?


                Printout - Copy.jpg

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                  Hi N,

                  I had a similar need: print the main table + many related tables (portals in FM).


                  The solution adopted has been to add all my portals, setting them with "Number of Rows" = 100.

                  I've also set the Sliding up based on: All Objects above + Also resize enclosing parts.


                  Works perfectly. The only limit is that 100 rows. Just evaluate a reasonable numer of rows to use in the portal settings. Lottle downside is that the more portal rows you set, the more space it'll take in Layot (design) mode.

                  Works great in Print Preview.