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Sub-summary Refresh Bug in FileMaker GO ??

Question asked by larsheise on Oct 2, 2014
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Could someone please confirm that I am doing something wrong, or that we have a bug in FileMaker Go


I have included a simple example database, that works well in FileMaker Pro on Mac and Windows


But when opened in FileMaker Go, the short report, where the body part has been removed does not work.

( unless you edit and save the layout on your computer - then the iPad refreshes and shows the sub-summary part )


Have just tried the same file with FileMaker Go 12 - here it works !!


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My posting from Yesterday:


FileMaker Go 13


I have a subsummary layout in FileMaker Go - body part removed - and 4 different sub-summary parts.


It doesn't refresh, when it is sorted. - Instead it shows a white area, where the found categories are.


On my Mac the layout works perfectly well.


The file is hosted, and when I move a button or do something in layout mode on my Mac and return to Browse mode, the iPad refreshes after a second, and the sub-summary now displays correctly.


I have tried different things in my script to refresh the window, but haven't found a solution. So far only way to refresh on the iPad is to make a layout change on the Mac.


What am I missing ?


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