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    iPad field text not showing


      For some reason when printing 2 or 3 lines of data as a PDF in a field that will accomodate 15 ines, sometimes the text is chopped off horizontally, and other times it doesn't print the last line at all. The field is set for sliding/printing to close up space between fields in a list. It also makes a grea PDF on the desktop machine. Any ideas how to make this work.


      (Right now I have to add a couple extra lines of text formatted to the color white to force the field open more. It works, but it's awkward.)


      Jonathan Stars

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          Are you using merge fields to print/pdf? If not you might want to try using a merge field. Also might try another font. I seem to have good luck with Helvetia neue. Fmgo does not have a print engine. It relies on the iOS for printing. I find little differences in printing when using different iOS versions. You will find differences when printing/pdf between fm pro and fmgo.

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            It looks like using a merge field solved the problem. Apparently sliding fields do not reliably understand where the text ends on the iPad. That's a discouraging bit of information. (I could not stick with the favored fonts, because the client wanted a specific font for their form.)


            Thank you R. Gordon!


            J **