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zip and move filemaker backup on Mavericks?

Question asked by charleshuff on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by charleshuff

In the remote past I had a folder action applescript that would watch the weekly backup folder and zip and move the files added to it recursively...


Now it fails asking for my authentication password. I really need the script to run automaticly, so I am asking if it is still possible to do this on Mavericks?


My trials with Automator so far have failed (largely due to the lack of the create dated folder automator action on my server!) as I need to copy the files into a dated folder before the zip process, then finally moving the zip file to a NAS drive for burning to dvd.


We burn the weekly zip files to comply with offsite backups. Hourly and Daily Backups are working (but these processes are done entirely by filemaker and do not use folder actions).


Thanks for any ideas in advance..