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Is there a way to open a remote file without the user name and password dialogue box appearing?

Question asked by MartinBridges on Oct 3, 2014
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I have two files on a server. Both have distinct user names and passwords.

Whilst in the 1st file (via a value list pulled from the second file) and then using a script in the 1st file I want to populate address fields in the 1st file from the info in the 2nd file.

Which I've done and it works great. Save for the fact that the username and password has to be in both files.


If someone authorised to use the 1st file (but not the 2nd) acesses the value list then they are prompted for a user name and password for the 2nd file.


Ideally any authorised user of the 1st file should be allowed access to this value list and script.


Is there a way to script (in the 1st file) a way to enter username and password in the second? Without any dialogue box opening?


I've played about with re-login but I can't seem to avoid having to enter a U&P when the file first opens.


Thanks for any suggestions