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    WebDirect and container fields




      I have the following setup


      FileMaker Server 13v0.3

      2 Database files (one for layouts and one for data)

      clients access via WebDirect

      4 user right groups + admin


      So far I only have 1 container field and this is the first time I used them with WebDirect. When I access the database through one of the user groups and Right click on the container field, I get all the options greyed out. When I access it as Admin, everything is fine. Funny thing, I can drag and drop images in the container in all cases!


      On the FileMaker Pro, I cannot even right-click the container field with the usergroups but only with Admin so its similar there as well.


      From the above, I made the obvious thought that "it must be the user rights". I checked the Security and everything is fine. The usergroup I am testing as full access to all fields, can create, edit, delete in that table.


      Help anyone?



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          User rights okay in BOTH files (interface and data)?

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            Well I checked again and everything looks just fine.


            But ended up answering my option when looking at another option to tweek


            When editing the Priviledge Set, at the bottom right corner there is a drop-down for "Available Menu Commands" with 3 options, All, Editing Only, Minimum. To tell you the truth I had this set-up to Minimum because I had no clue what it was doing. Now I know! Aparently the All and Editing Only options suffice to keep the options of the container field open to the user.


            I hope this helps someone else too!