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WebDirect and container fields

Question asked by csavva on Oct 4, 2014
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I have the following setup


FileMaker Server 13v0.3

2 Database files (one for layouts and one for data)

clients access via WebDirect

4 user right groups + admin


So far I only have 1 container field and this is the first time I used them with WebDirect. When I access the database through one of the user groups and Right click on the container field, I get all the options greyed out. When I access it as Admin, everything is fine. Funny thing, I can drag and drop images in the container in all cases!


On the FileMaker Pro, I cannot even right-click the container field with the usergroups but only with Admin so its similar there as well.


From the above, I made the obvious thought that "it must be the user rights". I checked the Security and everything is fine. The usergroup I am testing as full access to all fields, can create, edit, delete in that table.


Help anyone?