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    how to select multiple records


      I have a found set of records, and user wants to perform an operation on a specific subset of these. At moment she marks each record individually - tedious as often more than 20. Is there a way to select multiple records, as one might do in excel (does not have to be the same method)?

      Thanks for any help.


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          Felicity -


          Presumably, this is in a List view? If so, you can set up a button for the user to click that, when clicked with no modifier key, starts the selection, and, when clicked with a modifier key (say, Shift) completes the selection. You can then use Get ( RecordNumber ) to mark the starting and ending points and mark all records in between. Alternatively, you can just change the button's appearance using Conditional Formatting to indicate that a selection has been started and then, should the user choose the same record, simply cancel the operation (or just choose the one record, based on your business rules).


          NOTE: I suggest you use a variable to mark the user's selections. Marking a field on each record will not be multi-user safe, as one user's selections will interfere with another user's selections. You can create a return delimited list of selected keys and use that to determine what records have been selected.





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            wow, that was quick.

            thanks sooo much Mike.

            thought it might be something like this, but glad to have method affirmed by an expert.


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              Well, eventually an expert might confirm. Until then, you can work with what I gave you.