Kiosk printing without any dialog boxes - uses Google Cloud Print

Discussion created by skywillmott on Oct 6, 2014



Just thought I'd share this... I was looking for a way for a kiosk type solution using FileMaker Go on iPads to print 'in the background', i.e without displaying the native iOS AirPrint dialog boxes, and without using AirPrint at all actually....


And I found a great solution! It uses Google Cloud Print, a php script, and the Base64Encode function.... Key to this was finding this php script:


What happens is:


1. FileMaker Go exports record as PDF to temporary folder.

2. Inserts that PDF into a container field.

3. Takes the Base64Encoded contents of that container and submits (POSTs) it to a php script on my web server that:

- Decodes the Base64 data back into a PDF and saves it.

- Submits that PDF to Google Cloud Print

4. The PDF prints.


I'm also using variations, whereby the PDF is actually created on the web server using php and some variables sent to it from FMGo... (Is faster than creating the PDF, base64encoding, and submitting all the data from FMGo)


Anyway, it works great and I hope anybody else looking for similar thing will find this useful :-)


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