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advice on efficient method to allow editing of related records

Question asked by fliss on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by fliss

I am not a trained programmer, so wanted to get advice on the following issue.


I have records related through 4 parent/child relationships, with the great grand parent being an invoice table. My records pass through various 'statuses' with relevant restrictions for each status.


I need to allow editing at the various statuses (even after a record is otherwise labelled as 'closed'), and want to be sure that none of the related records are being operated on during the editing process. (Its possible the record could be committed during an editing process, and thus become editable by others)


I was originally thinking to append the word 'editing' to the name for each status, and then restrict access to related records based on those values. But this method seemed to become cumbersome.


Now I am thinking that having a separate field (UnderEdit), which is populated when the record is edited, is a simpler way to go.

Still I would need to set up this field in each related table, as edits can be made to any table's record??


I hope I have not been too generic in my description, and that someone can decipher my question enough to provide some advice on the 'proper' way to do this.


Much appreciation