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In webdirect, can I save a file to the  server then attach it to an email

Question asked by egalgay on Oct 7, 2014
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I am relatively new to FM. I have created a FM 13 pro solution, shared it on the FM 13 srver and made it accessibe via WebDirect. In the non-webdirect version, I can export a file to the temp directory and attach it to an email to be sent out, all handled via scripts. When I make the solution available on Webdirect, the file I am exporting is downloaded via the browser to the local workstation. I was hoping to export the file to the FM server and attach it to the email. I am unable to figure out how to specify a directory on the server to save the file. I am unsure whether this is allowed in webdirect, whether its a permission issue or I just need to understand how to do this.


Any guidance would be most appreciated.


Thank you