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    After a restart, FMS 13 will not start.


      I cannot access the Apache server using any browser.Sometimes it fixes itself! If I enter I get an Apple error that it could not locate the local hot


      This happens often, usually after a restart or a crash.


      System is OSX 10.8, iMac 2 meg RAM, latest FMS13

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          The FMS logs will tell you exactly what is happening.  You're saying that you can connect to the admin console?  That's just one part of FMS, are the other parts fine after a restart?



          filemakerguru wrote:



          iMac 2 meg RAM


          I'm sure that is a typo, but even if it is 2GB, that is very marginal.  FMS is know to not start properly if the hardware does not conform to the minimum requirements.  Something to look into...