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    Import Records losing source after closing file. Help :(


      I need some help.


      Scenario: Importing records from Slave (local file) to Hosted (Master File)


      I have a hosted master file on FMServer 13 Advanced which I am trying to import records to. My slave is a file located in my documents folder.


      I am in my found set on the slave file and perform the following script...

      1. Open the hosted Master File and go to appropriate layout to the table I want to import to

      2. Import Records ( add new ) I setup the import to matching names and the appropriate table in the source (slave)


      Import works correctly, so I then check "Perform without Dialog" on the import script step and run again. Works. Continues to work as long as the Master file is still open. As soon as I close the Master file and execute to push records to the Master from the Slave, I will get 0 errors but no records are imported. I end up with a 0 / (num records in table) found set. Its like the import step loses the source table.


      Any suggestions are appreciated.