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Question asked by chrislines on Oct 9, 2014
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Grateful for help on what I think is a scripting issue.


I am working on a home-use solution to log events related to my bonsai trees and bonsai pots. On my EventsLog layout, among other fields, I have the following:



: Bonsai

:: Pot


Type (conditional values based on category)









Having chosen category and type I want to:


IF bonsai, select the relevant bonsai tree from a dropdown, ignore pot dropdown, go to notes field;


IF pot, select the relevant pot from a dropdown; ignore bonsai dropdown, go to notes field.


Grateful for advice on the script I should use to enable the selection. Grateful for confirmation that I should use OnObjectExit to trigger my script. Grateful for advice if I need parameters.


Thank you in advance.