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    Kiosk Mode Issues




      I made a file in Kisok Mode. It is runnging on FIlemaker 13 on a windows touch screen.


      1) I didnt diable admin access, but it am not able to log in to the file from the server with admin. It says I dont have privledges. What setting do I need to use to be able to log in to the files


      2) the scroll bars apear on the screen, even thou I made the the layouts is smaller then the resoulution.


      Am I missing something



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          1) Assuming that you have the correct password, hold the alt key down when you click on the file to open it.  This should bring up the login dialog box and let you enter the user ID and password.


          If you are using Pro Advanced,  you can have the debugger running.  If there is something in your open script that prevents you from getting in as admin,  you will be able to skip the step or abort the script.  I'm assuming that even on a trouch screen you have a keyboard available.


          2)  Put an Adjust Window[ resize to fit ] script step in the setup.



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            I am able to use the same Username and PW when I access the file locally.  The degugger doesnt activate.  I am not getting to the point when I can access the file.


            I will add the Adjust window and see if that works

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              Do you get the login dialog box?

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                Did you upload the file using FM13Pro File>Sharing menu ?

                If not, extended privilege [fmapp] may not be enabled for admin ( [Full Access] ).