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    Issue running PHP and external container storage


      This is a weird one. The setup...


      FMS 13 on Windows 2008 Server

      DB with External storage container

      PHP file to host


      I needed to setup a PHP file and put it in the normal Inetpub location but it didn't work.

      I got an error saying that it couldn't be found at the path: ProgramFiles>FileMaker>FileMaker server>HTTPServer>Conf


      In IIS there are 2 sites shown. Default Web Site and FMWebSite. So in IIS I turned off the FMWebSite and turned on the Default Web site. PHP page worked! However, the container field would not display the images due to an error. ( I don't have the exact error but can retrieve it after hours)


      So I turned the FMWebSite back on and the container field worked again. I also move the PHP file to the FileMaker path and it works locally. From the outside I get an internal server error. Web Direct works so i know the ports are mapped properly.


      Any ideas?