Passing a position from one layout to another

Discussion created by hoib on Oct 12, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2014 by Garryt

OK, I have a 5 tab layout called ViewOnly used for just display of fields. Call the tabs left to right, Details, Contacts, Documents (has portal), Images (has portal), WebViewer. These work fine. I achieved this by simply using the Inspector and disabling "Enter in Browse Mode" for all objects on all tabs on this ViewOnly layout.


I took this layout and duplicated it. The dupe layout I named "Add_Edit" and set all fields on all tabs with the Inspector to "Enter in Browse Mode" = On. I call this in with a short script so I can prepare the user for either adding a new record or editting what they clicked on.


Here's the deal. When the user edits something on ViewOnly:tab:Documents I shift him over to Add_Edit:tab:Documents let him input and commit, I want the user to land on ViewOnly:tab:Documents and not ViewOnly:tab:Details. What it's doing is always going back to the first left hand tab. I was looking for a Get() to get the value of the tab on ViewOnly to put in a $variable which I can refer to then directing back to the tab that they left before editting is called. But there isn't a specific Get(ObjectPosition) that I can find.


Is this a custom function to build? What's the technique to use to record the field_on_this_tab where the user just left so I can bring him back to that spot?


Thanks for any advice.