FM Go takes 10 minutes to connect to Host?!

Discussion created by vavo on Oct 13, 2014
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Hi all,


this might not be only a filemaker question but also a network one.


My company hosts many events and I developed an FM Go database to handle registration and a few other things.

Since some of our venues are remote and we have no reliable internet access I use an Apple Airport extreme and two Airport Express to set up a local Wifi (no internet connection).

A windows 8 laptop shares the database to the iPads.

On Go we have the interface file that pulls the data from the shared db.

I am using fixed IP addresses to link to the hosting windows machine (the same at every event).


And here is the problem:

When openening the local Go File it takes about 10 minutes (literally) to connect to the shared db. About 7 minutes before it even asks to authenticate, after that another 3 minutes to actually display anything. Once it is connected things are very quick.


Does anybody have an idea why the initial connection takes so long?


Thanks a lot!