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    FM Go takes 10 minutes to connect to Host?!


      Hi all,


      this might not be only a filemaker question but also a network one.


      My company hosts many events and I developed an FM Go database to handle registration and a few other things.

      Since some of our venues are remote and we have no reliable internet access I use an Apple Airport extreme and two Airport Express to set up a local Wifi (no internet connection).

      A windows 8 laptop shares the database to the iPads.

      On Go we have the interface file that pulls the data from the shared db.

      I am using fixed IP addresses to link to the hosting windows machine (the same at every event).


      And here is the problem:

      When openening the local Go File it takes about 10 minutes (literally) to connect to the shared db. About 7 minutes before it even asks to authenticate, after that another 3 minutes to actually display anything. Once it is connected things are very quick.


      Does anybody have an idea why the initial connection takes so long?


      Thanks a lot!



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          There are likely may possibilties why you are experiencing network latency. I cannot answer all of the possibilites, but my first observation is this - Why are you hosting off of a laptop? For best performance, you want to use FileMaker Server with the recommended Windows Server hardware for best performance.

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            The setup I am describing is used at events that are in different locations across the country every week - hence the portable computer as host. For regular production work we have FM Server on Server hardware. Unfortunately that is not reliably accessible in most venues where the events are held.

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              I would agree with Robert Ward that it sounds more like basic network troubleshooting.  Plenty of tools available to make sure you don't have WiFi channel or noise conflicts.


              We share our large veterinary and medical programs from laptops to iPads for demo purposes on our own Airport Extreme networks and they are extremely fast.  iPad Airs are very close to the native speed on a MacBook Air.  With the older iPads, the speed goes down proportionately with model number. 


              So, unless there are design performance issues (which you would likely see on the laptop in any case) this is mostly likely a pure WiFi issue.  Not anything that we have seen with FM Go itself.


              I could be wrong. But this is a cautionary note to anyone doing FM Go development that perceived performance will be strongly affected by WiFi performance which most end users do not manage well (if at all).  We are contemplating a WiFi site survey as a requirement prior to deployment of our apps recognizing the dynamic nature of neighboring hotspots.

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                What about using a localized FMGO file on the iPad, and then upload the data when you can connect to your central server? That would do away with the whole wirelss aspect, and you won't have to fight with the network latency.


                Some General Ideas....


                If you continue with your current setup, one thing to check is that joining other networks is turned off, and that you only have the one network defined. Otherwise, the initial wireless connection searches all around for other networks, and that can cause a frustrating delay.


                From a more forensic view, you will want to run a traceroute/pings on your connected devices to see where the delay is happening via the windows command line. Maybe Windows is searching other devices in the background or is running some background process you don't need? Try using a Mac laptop instead of the windows laptop, just to see if there is any kind of connection difference? Are you using the most recent Airport Extreme (tower) hardware? Are you using the most recent iPads? You get better range on the newer Extreme towers than on the older wireless express hardware.

                Hope some of that helps at least.

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                  Thanks both of you for the hints. That is what I was assuming - I was hoping there is some weird known issue somewhere that would be easy to fix... I will dive into the network issue next chance I get.

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                    Take a look at discussion 158228. I had a similar problem where desktop and laptop machines ran fine, but FM Go took 15 minutes to open the same file. After you read my problem at the top, scroll down to my later post that says SOLVED. It may be a network issue, but it may be something on the layout.


                    J **

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                      Thanks everybody for the help, I guess lots to take away from this thread for future solutions.


                      And this what solved the problem:


                      As I said before the solution is hosted on a laptop and set up for events on different local networks throughout the year. That lead to the laptop having a few different IPs until I finally configured it with a static one for the events. But now I had 4 different IP addresses in the iPad Filemaker Data Source list and the one we needed was at the end. I did not think much of it but getting rid of the unused ones and having only the fixed IP in that list made things work like a charm again.