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Looking for an email conversation ID

Question asked by BMyers on Oct 13, 2014
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Imagine that you are creating an app that includes letting users take notes. A user might write: "Today after a long email discussion among the team we decided to assign tasks as follows..." I'm looking for a way to link the FMP note to the email conversation so a user can drill down to the string of emails if they want. The goal is to create just a simple time-saver over switching apps then manually searching for the email conversation.


Here's what I have so far. Every email has an identification called message_ID. I can extract the message_ID by having FMP run an AppleScript and insert the result into a FMP field. [Imagine a FMP table named Linked_Email with a field named Message_ID. The LinkedEmail table then has a relationship connection to the FMP Notes table]. Then, I can have Safari display that email by writing a FMP script that puts that message_ID into the Safari URL line with the syntax like this: message://<FMP_TableName::FMP_FieldName>


OK. So far, so good. I have two questions for improvements.


1) With this method Safari will open one particular email. I'd like to display the email conversation rather than a single email.


2) I'd like to display the email in AppleMail rather than Safari.


The reason for these improvements is that a person reviewing their notes might want to see the whole email conversation, and seeing it in the mail app provides the whole thread in context. Does email even have a conversation ID? I can't find one.