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    Webinars... time is questionable


      I'm not sure if this is the right spot in the forum so in lieu of finding a better one...


      I can go to a webinar online... that's fantastic.


      My problem is that nobody thinks about the awful times they are put on.

      My timezone is currently GMT+11.

      That means that for the latest offering I can watch at either 2am or 5am...


      Surely recordings can be made availabe at a more reasonable time...


      No doubt 8am and 11am PDT sounds quite reasonable to the rest of you... but please consider more fully we who are already in your future....


      - Lyndsay

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          Here, here!


          I'm in the same time zone as you Lyndsay.


          When we aren't able to interact it would be great to have access to the webinar recording in a reasonable time frame.



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            While I symp with your location problems, it's log for a USA based company to schedule events like this to better suit the schedule of their primary market. Had to find fault with that.


            I have similar problems with purchase of musi rights (I operate a musical group here on the Gulf Coast) and am frustrated when I cann purchase the rights for a tune debuted in Great Britain. Frustrating to the extreme, but I ju have to wait for the US version to hit the rights market.

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              For "symp", read "sympathize" and for "musi", read "music ".  That's wha happens when you write a reply on an iPhone while sitting in a hot tub at 11:00 PM…

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                Im also... My Country is GMT +8,

                I need to gather all the staff under my unit at 11.00pm.. (sometimes gather is better and enjoy)

                of course I have to withdraw money to buy food and drink..

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                  I'm not real sure what you meant by "log"...


                  FMI's Primary Market is the membership of TechNet. I'd love to know the breakdown by country because I expect there to be a broader distribution than most people assume....


                  As Malcolm pointed out, we can't interact most of the time anyway, so a recording would be fine.  Play it 12 hours after the originals and you are bound to satisfy 100% of members....



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                    Come, come, Lyndsay ... 5:00 AM is perfectly reasonable for a dedicted developer such as yourself. Early birds and worms and such.   


                    It may be surprising, though, to hear that some of us here in the States have some difficulty with the scheduled times as well. Being behind a firewall obstructs viewing the webinars in real time, so that represents an obstacle as well. +1 on the recording idea.



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                      My 2cents (not a developer), but I also vote for recording. I'm on the east coast, and I never really get time for FM learning/developing/playing except for early in the morning, or late at night.  I would like to be able to watch/learn when I have free time, or even download for long trips/flights.