Previewing and Saving an E-mail - in Gmail

Discussion created by rsmellette on Oct 16, 2014
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Thanks in advance for the help.


I'm doing a solution for a Film Festival, which involves sending e-mails to the submitters at different stages of the selection process. The festival director wants to: 1) Preview the e-mails before hitting send, and 2) save a copy of what was sent.


Oh, and... this is going through Gmail.


I would be interested to know how best to attack this.


My first thought ... okay, maybe my 10th thought ... was to create a PDF of the e-mail, have the script pause, then move on to sending the e-mail, and put the PDF in a container field. The problem I'm having with that is creating a PDF of just a Variable Field. I don't want the whole record.


Any thoughts? Thanks.