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New to file maker.. Questions in general

Question asked by hoosierdaddy on Oct 16, 2014
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Hi folks.


Hey, before I download and try Filemaker, I'd like to ask some questions..


I come from a Tech background or did work in the same in the 90's and early 2k before becoming ill, but I'm better now and able to

work again part time from home. That said, I was a developer using VIsual Basic and SQL server mostly and also Access on Windows

plateform, but now I'd like to be able to use Filemaker or some good DB to design solutions for small business on Mac/ Window/ etc..


I'm wondering what version of Filemaker one needs to write an EXE or provide a solution to clients that don't have Filemaker installed?


Does Filemaker Go come with any version of Filemaker or do you need to buy it seperately to provide IOD / Iphone / Ipad solutions?


Does it matter if you use a Mac or Windows to do development if you provide for the other OS to your clients? For instance if I do the work on my Mac Book Pro, can I still provide solutions to a Windows 7 Client or Windows 8 Client?


What is the language used to script or to write a solution you'd provide to an end client in the form of an EXE or whatever it is that's used for the OS that's being used by the client?


Does Filemaker work with industrial DB server software such as SQL server, and Oracle or mySQL, etc,?


Thanks so much.