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Looping Script Help

Question asked by Scottiet on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by erolst

Hello all.


I am still learning a lot about Filemaker and rely heavily on the superb discussion that occur on these forums but I have a slight problem trying to find the right direction for my hopefully simply dilemma.


We are a Not for Profit organisation that has to capture the use of video systems use:


Basically we have a Value list of sites that we need to enter the duration of the session for #1, #2 & #3


This form or Record is completed once a month with the total amount of minutes/hours.


My first approach was to create one Table with each site/1/2/3/total etc. as individual fields... Crazy I now know as there were loads of them... I'm led to believe that this can be achieved by implementing a Looping script to perform the task with limited need for field creation?

Unfortunately I’m not quite there yet with scripting and especially looping...


Reduced site image below.


Any direction would be Greatly Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance



P.S. This is the only table and has no relationships apart from maybe maintaining the site list seperatly in a 'Value list' DB