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    Yosemite Broke Server 13?


      After installing Yosemite OS, my databases are all closed; will not open.

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          It seems so. Server is not yet ready for Yosemite.

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            You would expect an Apple Company could have their act together! Or maybe not.

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              FMI is owned by Apple, but they don't get advanced warning of anything. They find out the same ways we do.


              FMI did released the knowledge base article about it...pretty sure the same day.  For database and business critical systems, it's really beneficial to NOT be an early adopter. As Wim said in another post, wait a bit and let the bug fixes trickle down before you upgrade. It's good advice, which has saved my bacon a few times.

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                Same thing happened to me

                What I did was reset my license key (that is put it in once again) and voila all is well

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                  Robert Mark wrote:


                  You would expect an Apple Company could have their act together! Or maybe not.


                  And we as developers should get our act together too... Yosemite has been available as a dev beta for many months so you could have tested this a long time ago...


                  Your solution's deployment is a delicate thing.  You can't expect to throw something major like a full OS upgrade at it without doing some due diligence.

                  With the due diligence you can look like a hero to your customers by guiding them along and avoiding mistakes.

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                    Since Apple promotes OS updates as easy one click installs with no investments involved at all and pushes people to update asap  I would expect - especially from a "100% subsidiary" - that FileMaker is ready to go on the release date (others are ...). At least they could have had the public beta all interested people could get - but what? They just tell us, that their current version doesn´t work (they managed to get this information out on the release date hey). Further more they are too lazy to just make some tests with FM12, this is up to the users.


                    This is the kind of attitude which drives me crazy every time I am confronted with it and FileMaker repeats and repeats: No love to detail, no speed in development, no deep thinking when offering new features, keeping known bugs lists as a trophy rather than being ashamed of every bug, that is obvious. Plus a price tag that gets more and more ridiculous compared to the software market as a whole - love it or hate it.

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                      That's correct. Now I'm up an running again.

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                        I agree, but I also agree with Robert. Some of us developers simply don't have the wherewithal to own a separate machine for every platform on which FMP is compatible, much less a developer server machine as well.


                        I have always been very disappointed in the way FMI handles system updates in the past. It has cost ME time and in doing so has cost my clients TIME and $$ and plain and simple it's shows bad attention to detail and a very cavalier attitude towards the needs of their customers and developers.


                        True, we must do our due diligence, but FMI is a "developer" as well, so it's reasonable to assume that a company that is solely owned by Apple have an Apple Developer License, which  gives them full opportunity to test their products with various beta versions of the new operating system? Absolutely. Countless little guys spend the time and update their programs found in the app store, and many not found in the app store, so that they are prepared when the new OS X is released. It's

                        unconscionable that FMI didn't do the same.

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                          And then again. I can't get the web server running.

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                            Ah yes. Just in time. lol


                            I'm guessing few have ever looked at Apple's bug list. They are just as bad about releasing bug fixes, if that is what you consider bad. I suppose they could go the way of Windows and constantly release bug fixes, and cause 10 other bugs everytime. *shrug*


                            I've gotten to the point where I realize that some folks will only chime into a conversation to complain...never to offer any assistance to others. And I'm ok with that, because more and more I've started to actually see their work. And I understand why they don't like FileMaker. They think FMI is the responsible for why their solution functions ( or doesn't ) as it does.


                            I wish more people could have seen what the developer conversations were like before the gates were opened. I think opening a forum for public access can/has been very beneficial. As an unintended consequence, though, many of those in depth, constructive conversations have gone away. And have been replaced with the some of the opposite. It's sad.

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                              Hi Joshua


                              I can't agree more with you.


                              I'd love to see those regular complainers trying to make business with another software tool.


                              May be my point of view is very biased because I work very closely with FMI but I sure that the folks at FMI take all bug lists very seriously, when they really are a bug. Sometimes the bug is between the chair and the computer... .


                              I've been selling our FileMaker Solution for 14 years now and many times I have to say no to a feature request. Fortunately for me, only few times I've had to talk with a customer to tell him to wait until I get a serious bug fixed. From this point of view, I can understand when a bug doesn't get fixed right away.

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                                I've been reluctant to chime in on this one but here's my $0.02. Sorry for the length.


                                Don't mess with a produciton server. If its running fine, leave it be. If there is a real reason to upgrade the OS, then wait for a bit until the dust has settled on it and relevant software has been certified for it. There is rarely any good reason (other than our own geekness) to be that far out on the bleeding edge. Chances are the things that break will far outweigh the benefits of a day-1 installation. We hear this every time a major OS upgrade happens.


                                New computers will come with the latest and greatest OS version and may not be downgradable. There are ways around that (mainly on the server side) - virtual machines. Booting off of an external drive can be good too.


                                Several DevCon's ago a FMI employee told a group that FM tests with the early verisons of an OS but basically starts over again on testing when the OS is officially released. I think that is a very prudent and safe way to proceed. Things change, even during the Gold Master releases. For Yosemite, Apple released several GM Candidates, not an official "this is definitely the Gold Master of Yosemite" version. I was quite surprised that Yosemite was released this past week without going to a full GM.


                                Imagine how long this thread would be if FMI had not published the Knowledge Base article that says "not compatible" as early as they did. People would be screaming much louder. Just becuase FMI is an Apple subsiduary doesn't mean special treatment.


                                As for running FMS on OS X Server version. With Mavericks Server, like many, I got caught out on that one too. It'll work, then it stops working. Major pain. My home sever also runs shared contacts, shared calendar, etc. for the family. Instead of fighting with it and losing valuable billable time I spent $80 on Parallels, installed it on my server machine and put FMS on a virtual machine running the plain version of Mavericks. Works fine. Maybe a slight performance hit but for my purposes its fine. The main portion of the machine is running Mavericks Server and the Parallels portion has Mavericks and FileMaker Server. I can upgrade the OS X Server to Yosemite if I want to at some point and the FileMaker Server side remains the same. Virtual machines and knowing how to forward ports on the router are your friends.


                                The many application development companies that are ready to go on day one are in a different environment (as far as I'm concerned). Many of the small app co's are creating the one-trick-pony apps that have a very limited scope. Stuff on the Mac App store can get refreshed in the background without us knowing about it. You're favourite app may be one click away from wiping out your hard drive and you don't know it. Suddenly version 1.01 with "bug fixes" has been released and all is good again.


                                Think of all of the various components that a FileMaker system can touch and all of the dependancies involved; different database types vis ESS, imported data, 3rd party plugins, OS variations, Server vs client vs mobile vs web. Then add in many users, many locations and mission-critical data that cannot be offline. 


                                The combinations of things that need to be tested must be huge. Even after all the testing is done and a v-rev released there will be combinations that may not have been considered and tested and those willl likely be the ones you use which breaks your system.


                                I have installed Yosemite on the "family" computer. I tried FileMaker on it to see if I could reproduce the issues in the KB article. So far, all has been fine. My main work machine will get Yosmite eventually.


                                Personally, I'll wait for FMI and recommend the same to my clients that have that OS-upgrade-itch.

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                                  Deacon wrote:


                                  I agree, but I also agree with Robert. Some of us developers simply don't have the wherewithal to own a separate machine for every platform on which FMP is compatible, much less a developer server machine as well.


                                  I simply do not agree with this.  It is the cost of doing business.  And it does not need to be as expensive as you make it out to be.  One reasonably sturdy machine can be used to run a VMware or VirtualBox instance for a while to run the OS you want to test on, while you use it for other tasks.

                                  I buy my spare test boxes on eBay.  It really is a choice you are making.  Deployments & testing are very much part of your solutions life cycle, not just the development part of it.

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                                    I agree completely, Wim.

                                    When I paid $40k for my new car... nobody told me the doors leak all over my shoes.. and it was deliberate design. I guess it is buried somewhere in the specs. Next time I will do my test drive when it is pouring with rain.


                                    Apple may or may not release to FMI early warning but they are embargoed until release dates. This is a legal obligation.


                                    I spent a whole day yesterday trying to help a client who upgraded on the release date without checking compatibility. She does this every time and always has problems so you'd think she'd have learnt her lesson by now. Every time I say WAIT until you have checked with me....

                                    This client is an Art Dealer.


                                    We are not Art Dealers... but rather FM / computer 'professionals'... We should know better than to disturb a production machine with a largely untested OS....


                                    Sure FMI releases software which may have bugs they haven't discovered... It is simply impossible to test for every possible config. Marketplace testing is the norm... why pick on FMI alone?


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