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Discussion created by donnyl on Oct 19, 2014
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This is a new one to me. Have a simple list view with a summary field in a Trailing Grand Summary part. When browsing various records, the background for this summary field disappears when the viewed record is less than the last one. On the last record, the background reappears. This happens regardless of using a solid, gradient, or image for the background.

(View the attached movie to see it)


Things I eliminated as a cause:

1. There is no Conditional Format on the field

2. Checked every format "state" (normal, hover, etc) of this field just to eliminate the possibility.

3. No Trigger assigned to this field.

a. Originally, I had a trigger on record load, but I tried disabling it and still got the same result.

4. Tried creating a new field but same results.


This isn't a make or break issue but I found it quite bizarre and new to me. Any ideas great members of the Advanced Discussion forum (really do think you're great!)?


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