VPN setup - Filemaker Server & Filemaker Pro Advanced

Discussion created by ramirezp6856 on Oct 17, 2014
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Hello everyone,


Please have patience with me, this will be my first time diving into using a VPN. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Currently, I have filemaker pro server and filemaker pro advanced. I would like to set up a VPN "server" and VPN "client".


The "client" will access my LAN remotely to access my the Filemaker hosted on my local machine as he will be part of our homogeneous network.


Now this operation only includes my LAN and two client workstations so we are not looking at a big project and my "client" does not need a VPN of himself.



Filemaker Questions:


My intentions are to purchase a mac mini server but as of now I need to put filemaker server on my mac workstation.


Am I opening a can of worms by allowing a VPN "client" to access my Filemaker server on my mac workstation?


Will it be easy transferring filemaker server from the workstation to the mac mini server?




I am open to suggestions.


I spoke to my Professor at my university and he threw up router configuration, IPsec, port forwarding, and firewall configuration.


But, I understand mac has different paid VPN resources available.


Honestly, I want to choose the most secure, excuse the pun, "route".