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How to Update a FileMaker Solution

Question asked by vinc.nino on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by yzysoft_gg

Hi all,


I have a FileMaker solution that I currently update by taking it offline and manually adding all new functionality that’s been implemented in the development file. This is a time consuming work.
I’m looking for an easier way to be able to update the database solution on a regular basis.
The solution is a one-file solution, so where first thinking of breaking up the solution in one DATA and one INTERFACE file to easy implement the updates by just replacing the INTERFACE file.
The issue here is that the authentication used for the solution is FileMakers’ internal that is handled by scripted functionality to create, disable and alter the accounts and would be stored in the INTERFACE file or both files. So replacing the INTERFACE file will remove all the account information.
I cannot have general accounts when it is important to log who did what.

I would be grateful if anyone has any input on this, link to any recourse that would help or any thoughts about good ways of updating a FileMaker solution in a quick way?


FMS13 hosted with FMP13, FMG13 and PHP clients.


Thanks in Advanced,