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Discussion created by jjfcpa on Oct 19, 2014
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I have some general ideas in mind to create this solution, but I guess because of my insecurity about creating new solutions from scratch, I thought I'd just see if I missed anything or if anyone has a better approach.


This solution will run on FMS 13 and will be used on primarily mobile devices (iphone and ipad). The idea behind this is one of simplifying our recordkeeping at the office. Here is some background.


My son and I use an American Express card for business purchases. At the end of each credit card cycle, we enter all the transactions and put the receipts in an envelope and file it. The only problem with this is that we tend to misplace invoices for purchases that we make on a too regular basis. It's not that we don't get a receipt for every purchase, it's more a case of losing them betewen the time of the purchase and the time of reconciling the credit card statement.


So what I want to do is creating a simple application that we can use to:


1. Take a picture of the receipt.


2. Enter the date.


3. Add a comment about the receipt.


Then when our clerk at the office will do is print these when the statement shows up.


A couple of questions. If the receipts are saved to a container field, is there any complications in creating a report that prints the receipts saved to a container field?


These will need to be printed based on the credit card cycle so the date is required in order to print the receipts for that will appear on the credit card statement.


Any other pieces of information that should be maintained by the sytem that might make it more useful.


Any suggestions or comments appreciated.